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A maternity clinic in your pocket

New mobile gadgets can also help save lives. The biggest threat to young children’s lives is malnutrition, but with the right mobile applications that give mothers information on nutrition, child mortality can be reduced. - Read more > 



A bit of metal is all you need

The common cold is a recurring menace, teasing most a couple of times per year. Although avoiding catching the flu altogether would be ideal, even shortening the time spent sneezing and wheezing can be a great relief. New research suggests that sucking on zinc may do exactly that. - Read more >

From rocket science to addiction medicine

Trying different subjects at the university is not at all uncommon, but few people go from space science at MIT to medicine at the University of Helsinki. Lauri Kauppila, 27, did just that. - Read more >

Sticking it to the Man with homemade hamburgers

What do guerrilla gardening and a restaurant day have in common? They represent a new type of urban activism, originating from the activities of prosumers - consumers + producers. 
- Read more >
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The city of luminal surface
The urban explorer loves Helsinki’s dilapidated ghost houses. - Read more >

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Image: Jussi Pakkala /Helinä Rautavaara Museum

Helsinki Region Welcome Weeks
The Welcome Weeks, which take place in the two last weeks of September, offers plenty of other activities introducing newcomers to the way of life in Helsinki and Finland. - Read more > 
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