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Newsletter for International Applicants Issue 1/2011













Thinking of studying abroad? How about going up North, to Helsinki?

Application period opens on November 21, 2011!
University of Helsinki (UH) offers nearly 40 International Master's Degree Programmes for students from all over the world. You should submit your application via University Admissions Finland (UAF). The application period closes January 31, 2011. Please remember to check the programme website as some of our programmes (e.g. Erasmus Mundus Programmes) may have different application deadlines.


UH - among world's TOP 100
The University of Helsinki is one of the best multidisciplinary research universities constantly ranked among the world's Top 100 universities.
Wide range of study opportunities in English
UH offers nearly 40 International Master’s Degree Programmes - mostly without tuition fees. You can also get a taste of studying in Helsinki by taking an intensive course in Helsinki Summer School. All our PhD studies are available in English, too.
World-class facilities
In 2010 UH participated in International Student Barometer to find out what our international student say about their study experience so far. We found out that our labs and learning spaces are ranked on the top - not only in Finland but globally.
International Student Grant
University of Helsinki gave in 2011 over 50 International Student Grants to qualified students who were  accepted to study in an International Master’s Degree Programme. We continue with the grant programme in 2012 and hope the grant helps new students to settle in Helsinki next year also.
Work up a sweat on campus!
University's Sports Services, UniSport, offers first-class facilities, training courses, gyms and much more to UH students on all four campuses. The services are top-ranked internationally!

“There are so many problems in the world, and I just want to do my part in addressing them”.
“The university and the university personnel have given me so much more than I initially expected. My programme’s coordinators have been very helpful; studying at the university is a really great experience.”
"Perhaps I got interested in intercultural encounters because Peru has a huge variety of peoples and cultures. ICE has broadened my views enormously; before, I didn’t challenge the term “culture” though it was central in all of my academic thinking. Now I know I first need to get behind the term, because culture is a process in constant flux. That’s a fascinating idea."

The capital Helsinki is simply a great place to live, no wonder it was recently nominated as the World's Most Liveable City! Though Helsinki may not be the world's cheapest city to live in, this is a safe  place where things really work. In our pocket-sized metropolis everything is close and good public transportation takes you around Helsinki and UH's four campuses. 

Several surveys indicate that Finland is one of the best countries in the world to live in thanks to the quality of life, overall stability – and education. Read about the Newsweek's Best Country Survey.


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